Master of Event Technology

Dear readers, we are pleased to inform you that our managing director, Tony Dathe, has started a. training to become a master craftsman in event technology. With this step, we are not only investing in the continuous further training of our team but also strengthening our commitment to outstanding event solutions and excellent customer service. In this blog post, we would like to tell you more about the benefits of this training for our clients at CORS Event und Personal GmbH. 

Extensive expertise in event technology: Tony Dathe´s decision to complete the master of event technology training demonstrates his passion and commitment to the industry. By acquiring extensive expertise in the fields of lighting, sound and stage technology, he will be able to offer innovative and technically sophisticated event solutions. With a master’s degree in event technology, Tony Dathe will have a complete understanding of the latest technologies, safety standards and best practices, which will have a direct impact on the quality and success of the events organized by CORS Event und Personal GmbH.  

Individual advice and customized solutions: Tony Dathe’s training as a master craftsman in event technology will enable him to advise our clients even better and offer tailor-made solutions for their individual requirements. His expertise and practical experience will enable him to develop technical concepts that meet the goals and expectations of our clients.  From planning and execution to technical implementation, Tony Dathe will be able to ensure a high level of precision and efficiency to create unforgettable events.     

Ensuring safety and quality: The training to become a master craftsman in event technology places a special focus on the safety of events. As managing director and master craftsman for event technology, Tony Dathe will ensure that all aspects of event technology meet the highest safety standards. His includes ensuring that the technology is set up and operated safely and that legal regulations are complied with. Thanks to his training, Tony Dathe will ensure the safety of the events and at the same time offer the highest level of quality of technology, sound and lighting.

Continuous innovation: The event industry is constantly evolving, especially in technology. The training to become a master craftsman in event technology will enable Tony to stay informed about the latest trends and developments and to demonstrate innovative solutions. This means that our clients at CORS Event und Personal GmbH can benefit from the most advanced and modern event technology. We will be able to offer innovative concepts and technical possibilities to make events an unforgettable experience. 

Summary: Tony Dathe´s decision to train as a master craftsman in event technology represents a significant investment in the quality of our event solutions.  His expertise and experience in event engineering, security and innovation will enable us to deliver world class events for our clients.  At CORS Event und Personal GmbH we pride ourselves on continually investing in the training and qualification of our team to provide the best possible service to our clients.

If you require further information about our event solutions or Tony Dathe’s training as a master event technician, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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