A look behind the scence of CORS 

Hi I´m Jimmy,
my real name is Steven but everyone calls me by my nickname Jimmy. I´ve been working for CORS over a year now. Pia from the backoffice asked me spontaneously
if I could answer some questions about my work at CORS. At the time, I had probably made a real impression with my application and my intention of why I wanted to start at CORS. And the fact that in the meantime everything has taken it´s course, amazes me. But just read for yourself. 

Interviewer Pia: Jimmy, what made you submit your application to CORS just over a year ago? 

Jimmy: Since I´m big DJ Bobo fan, it all started with this artist as well. When I was at a DJ Bobo concert in Kamenz with a friend in 2022, I asked myself the question: What does it look behind the scences of such concert and how could I get an insight. Driven by this idea, I started reseach that same evening. In the process, I came across the company CORS Event and Personal GmbH. There were also several jobs advertised, so I immediately updated my resume and sent it out at 02:00 am. The next morning I got a call at 9:00 am, Pia from CORS was on the other end of the line. Yes, and I got a bit closer to my dream and look, so far I don´t regret a minute at CORS. 

Interviewer Pia: What excites you about the working here at CORS?  

Jimmy: I love the teamwork, everyone helps each other and pitches in. It´s also super interesting to get to know the technology of the different areas behind the scenes. Futhermore, the projects and thus work are very varied and you always meet new people and colleagues at the different construction sites.  

Interviewer Pia: What projects have you enjoyed most so far?

Jimmy: At first, my personal highlight and my dream came true: I was on Tour with DJ Bobo. Then there were all the other projects around and with DJ Bobo. Closely followed by the Klostersommer in Calw, this project was a lot of fun again this year. Just great people, nice settings, famous artists and accommodation where you feel comfortable.   

Interviewer Pia: Please tell us more about the DJ Bobo tour, what did you like most about it? 

Jimmy: Beeing on tour with DJ Bobo for seven weeks and being up close and personal was an absolute adventure for me. The crew, colleagues and the countless impressions made the exhausting time seem to blow away. For me, of course, it was always the crowning glory of each concert and to be able to enjoy the great atmosphere.

Interviewer Pia: Can you give us a glimpse into your duties on the tour? 

Jimmy: At the beginning of each concert on the tour, me and the team unloaded the six trailers or trucks, for lightning, sound and video equipment. Afterwards, we were able  to strengthen ourselves for the upcoming daily tasks at the breakfast provided by our tour caterer. This was followed by the further work for the video technology and the installation for the illumination of the stage set; here, five large beamers had to be installed under the roof of the respective hall. After everything was prepared so far, we could strengthen ourselves again with lunch.

Unfortunately, we didn´t have time for a after lunch nap because we continued with the construction of the drums for the band GreenBeats who were also on the tour. Then the lightning had to be set up for the highlight of the stage set, the gigantic lion´s head. With this sophisticated lightining and video concept, the head could appear in different shapes: as a lion, a monkey or even as a Medusa. It was really great to experience the three-dimensionality.

When everything was ready, the rehearsals of DJ Bobo started which I always followed with pleasure. After the ranks in the concert halls had filled up and tension was rising, it was finally “It´s showtime”. 

Yes, after the show meant for us before the show. So we began the dismantling of the equipment with the safe stowage of the drums of the GreenBeats and piece by piece the further technology dismantling. When all 19 trucks were finally loaded, we could take a shower and literally fell into bed. The next fans in the next city were already looking forward to the concert and so the building started again. 

Interviewer Pia: Now, everyone is interested: Could you meet DJ Bobo in person? 

Jimmy: Yes, and almost every day. We often ran into each other and had little chitchat or joked. In Dresden, there was a special highlight after the show – a crew barbecue was organized for the entire team, from technicans to dancers to helpers. It was just brilliant – as if we known each other forever. After all this time, it almost feels like I have a friendly relationship with DJ Bobo. 

Interviewer Pia: Those are really great impressions! Are there any other projects that you also found exciting? 

Jimmy: Yes, besides the Klostersommer Calw definitely also Östrich-Winkel. There was the EBS project there, which was also super interesting. But also the small day projects like in the Junge Garde in Dresden are great. Once, that was even on my first day at work, I was allowed to join the show crew directly after the set-up and participate in Lea’s concert. But also the Ironman in Dresden, where I was the sector leader for my section of the course, was a great experience.

Interviewer Pia: What are your upcoming dream projects at CORS? 

Jimmy: Another dream project would be to be at Tomorrowland in Belgium or at the World Club Dome. Otherwise, I´m relaxed. As for future projects, let them come to me and lookforward to everything new. 

Interviewer Pia: What would be your new challenges at CORS and which direction would you like to develop further? 

Jimmy: I would like to know more about the other areas of the event industry. I would prefer to work more independently, with my own permanent team and, if possible, manage my own projects. Taking on more responsibility and meeting even more new great people would also be another wish of mine. A small dream would also be to get a drone license and to film and photograph during projects, so that the work and projects can be remembered for a long time and shared with many people.

Interviewer Pia:These are really great ideas!
Thank you so much for your openness and all your insights. 

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